Staying Cool in Summer

As we’re approaching August, summer is only starting for some, and is almost over for others. But the sun is shining down on us and we need life advice! These summer tips and tricks will help you prepare for your summer, and also educate you for those life hacks you just need to know about.


Apply sunscreen

This is a basic summer tip that we all should be doing, but a lot of us forget sometimes..

Save yourself from those 2nd degree burns and lather on some sunscreen.

I know it’s not the most exciting thing to do in the world, and it does take up some energy.

But at least if you’ve managed to find yourself a partner for the summer, at least you get to rub it on their hot bod, or just bod.

Stay hydrated


But if we all did it, I wouldn’t be telling you.

Try and give yourself a goal of how many bottles of water you want to get through in a day.

You’ll save yourself from that unbearable headache later on in the day, or better yet, from another fainting episode at work.

Adventure out

The summer is the best opportunity of the year to treat yourself to a little time away from the workplace.

Whether it’s on your weekend off or you’ve booked some cheeky time off, go somewhere nice.

It doesn’t have to be abroad, it could just be going out for a day down the beach with the family – or alone with the dog if you need some you time.

Try a new hobby

When the sun’s out, it’s sometimes hard to convince yourself to get out of the house in the heat.

With a variety of hobbies available to all, there’s always something to do.

Whether it’s playing tennis at the court or joining a swimming class at the leisure centre – there’s no excuse not to try something new.

Use less heat on your hair

The sun dries your hair out as it is, and when it comes to winter time you still want a nice head full of healthy locks.

Save your hair this summer by using less heat – towel dry your hair and apply some mouse when dry to get those natural beach waves (SUMMER TIP AND TRICK ALERT!)



Use lemon juice for natural highlights

It’s common knowledge that the sun naturally and inexpensively lightens your hair.

But if you’re looking for something a bit bolder, use some freshly squeezes lemon juice as a base before heading out in the sun.

Natural looking highlights for under £1! BARGAIN.

Keep your ice-cream soft

Put your ice-cream tub in a large, resealable freezer bag to keep your ice-cream scoop-able.

No need to buy new spoons every year after all that bending.

Help make your life easier.

Freeze your water bottle

Sometimes the heat can get a little too much, and your water gets a little too warm.

Put your water bottle in the freezer over night to enjoy a nice cold beverage throughout the following day.

Create your own beach safe

Using an empty and washed out sunscreen bottle, keep your valuable discrete at the beach.

It’s not common to steal someone else’s sunscreen, but it is with a phone or money.

So be smart at the beach, and save yourself from some bad luck.

Sand proof your phone

“What!? A sand proof phone!? My phone always gets sandy at the beach!”

Use a sandwich bag to keep the sand out of the buttons on your phone.

You don’t want to not be able to charge your new iPhone 8 after 1 day at the beach.

So protect yourself from this misfortune, and be smart.