Temu UK discount code and £100 coupon bundle

Temu is an online shopping platform that has taken the world and the UK by storm, offering a broad range of products, including fashion, cosmetics, car accessories, clothing, small home appliances, outdoor furniture, power tools, and baby clothes and unbelievably low prices.

Launched in 2022 as a subsidiary of Pinduoduo, a Chinese e-commerce giant, Temu has quickly become a popular shopping app in the United Kingdom as they claim their prices are 70% cheaper than traditional high street retailers.

Of course, some reviews have also said that the products are not exactly as advertised in the photos, with quality control not exactly 100% while others have commented that they are happy with the product, considering the miserly price they paid!

If you are interested in giving Temu a go we do have a coupon code aph49553 which will give you a £100 coupon bundle after you first download the app.

TEMU ‎£100 coupon bundle
TEMU ‎£100 coupon bundle
Receive a ‎£100 coupon bundle after first downloading the app!

What is Temu?

Over the past six months, the well-known retail platform has consistently maintained its position as the most downloaded shopping app in the UK.

In August 2023, the app achieved approximately 38.8 million downloads globally, and in the UK, it held the title of the most downloaded app for the year up to that month!

Temu Shopping app FAQ

How Can I Get a Temu UK Sign Up Bonus?

To get started you can get a welcome offer deal if you are a new Temu customer. To earn a £100 coupon bundle Temu sign-up bonus, new users need to sign up for Temu using the unique referral code, aph49553 verify their account with their name and email. Once you’ve done this you are ready to go.

What Are Temu’s Current Promotions for the UK?

Temu’s current promotions for new users include a £100 coupon bundle for signing up, plus new app users can get a 50% off referral bonus, and various discount coupon codes such as ‘aph49553‘ for a £100 coupon bundle discount​​​​.

How Do I Apply a Temu Promo Code in the UK?

If you’ve got a promo code to use then great, you can spend their money not yours.To apply a Temu promo code, download the app, create and verify an account, select items to purchase, add them to your cart, click on “Coupon Code,” enter the promo code aph49553, and then complete the purchase​​.

What is the Temu Referral Bonus Program?

The Temu Referral Bonus Program allows users to earn a £3 referral bonus for each friend they invite who opens an account with their unique referral code. The referred friends also receive a £3 sign-up bonus along with a $5 bonus coupon​​.

What Features Does Temu Offer?

First up, always take the Temu products with a pinch of salt. Some people get great deals on quality, while others are left disappointed. Temu does offer unbeatable deals at attractive prices and a huge range of product selections, fast and secure checkout, free shipping and returns within 90 days.

Is Temu a Legitimate Platform to use?

Although the majority of products are genuine and delivered within an acceptable timeframe, there is an element of unpredictability involved. Some customers have experienced discrepancies between the received items and the images on the website, or found the quality not meeting their expectations, so always be careful.

What Payment Methods Does Temu Accept?

Temu accepts common credit cards and payments from service providers like Apple Pay, Klarna, and PayPal​​.


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