Fathers Day Hampers – 10 ideas and deals you don’t want to miss (2023 Guide)

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to find that perfect gift to show how much you appreciate the father figure(s) in your life. Whether you are buying a gift for the dad who has everything or the dad who wants nothing at all, hampers can sometimes be the answer to what to buy.

Here’s our guide to Fathers Day Hampers in 2022.

fathers day hampers

The best Fathers Day Hampers to get in 2022. Tatiana Kostareva/123rf

Father Day Hamper ideas

Hampers are becoming an increasingly popular gift idea, especially when you are unsure of the perfect gift.

With such a wide range of hampers available, you’ll be able to find the perfect hamper. Whether you are looking for the ultimate hamper for someone with a sweet tooth, or the ideal hamper for the dad that loves nothing more than enjoying a cold beer on a warm day.

Hamper gifts are a great way to ensure you are giving a gift that will be enjoyed and not just put on a shelf. If you are looking to make this years Fathers Day gift special, why not consider creating your own personalised hamper? This way you can make sure all of the items in the hamper contain all of the recipients favourite items.Along with including all of their favourites, adding little notes and special items is a lovely idea to make the gift feel so much more special.

Although food is a great idea to start with, there are many more ideas for the perfect hamper gift. For the dad that needs some new toiletries, consider putting together a hamper of their favourite skin care and shower products. Not only are you showing your appreciation with their most used products but it’ll be something that they’ll use everyday!

Alternatively, for the dads that love to garden, consider a hamper full of seed packets and essentials to help them bring their gardens to life. Then every year when the plants bloom, they’ll have a space to enjoy and think of you. Or if they love the outdoors, why not look for a hamper that has all the essentials for them to enjoy a day outside. These could be items for all weather walks such as a water bottle, waterproofing shoe spray, plasters, and even a hat and gloves set.

With so many ideas, the options to create the ultimate hamper gift are endless.

Unsure of where to start? We’ve put together some great hampers that anyone would love to receive. From beer hampers, to chocolate hampers and even some full of savoury snacks!

Fathers day beer hamper

If they love nothing more than kicking their feet up and enjoying a cold beer, why not consider a beer based hamper as a gift this Father’s Day. Beer hampers are a great way to try a variety of new beers as well as being a gift that’ll be enjoyed and appreciated. Some hampers even come with snacks so you can bring the ultimate pub experience home this Father’s Day.

We’ve put together some of our favourite Fathers Day beer hampers for you.

Beer Hawk Cheers Dad Beer Canister – 3 Craft Beers £12.56

This mini hamper of 3 craft beers is the perfect budget friendly gift this Fathers Day. With beers from popular breweries including Brewdog and Camden Town, they can try new flavours and breweries and even find a new favourite. At only £12.56, it’s perfect if you are looking for a gift that won’t break your budget.


fathers day beer hamper

Dads always love a beer hamper!

Craft Beer Gift Set Hamper for Men from The Bundle Hut £29.99

This hamper is our top choice to bring the pub experience to your home. With a selection of different beers from popular breweries including Brewdog, Camden Hells and Beavertown. You’ll also get a selection of 4 traditional pub snacks including sea salted peanuts, pretzels, pork crackling and popcorn. To complete the experience, you can enjoy a typical pub quiz game with over 160 different questions. This hamper is truly an at home pub experience in a hamper.


‘Best Dad’ Mixed Craft Beer Gift Packs with Branded Glass and Snack £19.95

If you are looking for a bigger variety of beers, try this gift box. With between 5 and 6 different beers depending on the box variety, the recipient will have plenty of beers to try. With different boxes, you can choose to have a box filled with beers from all over the globe. Choose from; Brewdog beers, British beers, European beers, World beers and even Gluten Free!


Fathers Day Cheese Hamper

Thinking of getting a hamper for someone that is a big fan of cheese? Why not gift them a cheese hamper this Fathers Day? From vintage cheeses to the perfect snacks to bring out the cheesy flavours. These cheese hampers are perfect for any cheese lover this Fathers Day.

fathers day cheese hamper

Why not try a Fathers Day Cheese Hamper?

Cheese and Nibbles Hamper £26

This hamper contains a Red Leicester from the Snowdonia Cheese Company. Along with the cheese, you’ll also get a range of wafers, biscuits, peanuts and a marmalade. The different flavours of the accompanying snacks will allow the recipient to experience Red Leicester in a totally new way.


Port and Cheese Gift Hamper £49.99

Looking for something that is a little more special this Fathers Day? Why not splurge on this Port and Cheese Gift Hamper. Treat them to a ten year old bottle of Tawny Port along with the chance to experience a range of different cheese.

Along with the bottle of Tawny Port, they’ll also get a variety of cheese including Truffle Cheese, Smoked Cheddar, Vintage Cheddar and a Yorkshire Blue. Plus a number of different chutneys and wafers to bring out flavours in the different cheeses to experience them in a totally new way.


Timeless Classic Cheese Gift Box from The Chuckling Cheese Company £24.99

If you want a hamper that’s entirely made up of different cheeses? This gift box fromThe Chuckling Cheese Company is perfect. With a number of classic cheeses, you can be confident that they’ll love the different cheeses that come with this hamper. This box contains a 3 year old Cheddar, Yorkshire Blue, Smoked Cheddar, a Black Pepper Cheese and a Cranberry Cheddar.


Fathers Day Sweet Hamper

Are you thinking of gifting a hamper to someone with a sweet tooth? Why not give them a hamper filled with sweets and goodies that they’ll enjoy snacking on. Whether they love enjoying sweets while watching movies or just as a treat after eating a meal, sweet hampers are a lovely gift.

We’ve put together our top picks for sweet hampers for this Fathers Day.

fathers day sweet hamper

Sweet hampers are a popular fathers day hamper

Vegan Letterbox Sweet Gift Large £9.95

Being a vegan can sometimes mean giving up some of your favourite treats, especially when it comes to sweet treats. But with this Vegan Letterbox Gift, you can give the gift of their favourite classic sweets without worrying about gelatine. This gift contains a Pick and Mix of vegan friendly classic sweets. Each box varies but you’ll receive a variety of vegan sweets including; Bubblegum Bottles, Jelly Meerkats, Flying Saucers and Fruit Jellies.


Bumper Retro Sweets Gift Box £11.95

How about a hamper filled with retro British sweets? By giving them this hamper, they’ll get a range of their favourite chocolates and sweets from over the years. This gift comes with a range of classic British chocolates and sweets including Black Jacks, Dip Dabs, Wham Bars and Curly Wurlys.


Haribo Sweet Hamper Gift Box Set £15.99

Know someone that is a big Haribo fan? This hamper made up entirely of Haribo sweets is perfect. The contents of each box varies from Haribo Starmix, to Gold Bears and even Tangfastic. With a range of different sizes, they’ll have a bag of Haribos for every occasion. From taking them as a snack on the go, to enjoying a bag while relaxing on the sofa.


What is a Fathers Day Savoury Hamper

If you are looking for a gift for something that prefers savoury snacks to sweet snacks, we’ve got the perfect hamper suggestions for you. From the perfect snacks for a sunny evening in the garden, to classic pub favourites.

Pub Snacks Gift Hamper £24.99

This hamper is filled with 14 full sized classic pub snacks. These snacks are the perfect way to bring the pub experience home this Fathers Day. This hamper is made up of popular snack brands including The Snuffling Pig, KP, Penn State and ProperCorn. No matter what their go to pub snack is, they’ll have plenty of options including; popcorn,flavoured nuts, pretzels, crisps and pretzels.


Cottage Delight The Pate Selection Hamper £19.99

Know someone that enjoys Pate? This Cottage Delight The Pate Selection Hamper is the perfect gift. This hamper comes with two varieties of pate; Pork Pate and Duck & French Brandy Pate. Along with Pate, this hamper also comes with Scottish oatcakes, and different flavoured chutneys to enjoy with the pate.


Indulgent Savoury Snacks Hamper £36

Looking for the ultimate savoury snack hamper? This Indulgent Savoury Snack Hamper will be loved by any savoury snack lover. With a range of delicious treats including gourmet cheesy bites, hand fried crisps and baked nuts. They can enjoy all their favourite flavour combinations from premium snack brands.


What is a Fathers Day Food Hamper – Explained

If you are unsure of what type of food hamper would be enjoyed the most, we’ve put together our top tips for a range of food hampers no matter if they love to cook or just have a sweet tooth.

Luxury Scottish Food Hamper £48.95

This hamper brings the taste of Scotland straight to your plate. Filled with a variety of products from top Scottish brands, you’ll enjoy products that’ll allow you to experience the flavours of Scotland. This hamper includes food and snacks from The Handmade Perthshire Oatcake Company, STag Bakers, Mackays, Nevis and Border Biscuits. This hamper brings a range of products from chutney and oatcakes to cake and fudge to satisfy sweet cravings.


The Spanish Experience Gift Food Hamper £59.95

Looking to give something more than just food? This Spanish Experience Hamper provides the opportunity to cook a Spanish Paella with authentic Spanish ingredients in the comfort of their own home.

This hamper comes with a traditional Paella Pan and everything needed to create a traditional Spanish Paella. This includes red wine, rice, olive oil, chorizo, sala and stuffed peppers all from Spanish brands.


spanish fathers day themed hamper

Spanish themed hamper for fathers day

Eat Art Barbecue Smokehouse Flame and Flavour BBQ Rub Set £23.98

Know someone that loves a barbecue? This BBQ Rub Set is perfect to enhance a range of meals. Perfect for anyone that loves to cook or barbeque, this variety of spices makes any meal taste even better. These rubs and spices can be used on a variety of dishes including meats, pizza and even pasta dishes. Unsure of how to use each spice, this gift also comes with recipe cards to inspire new and tasty meals.


Fathers Day Chocolate Hampers

Who doesn’t love chocolate? A chocolate hamper is always a great option for anyone this Fathers Day. Whether you love milk, white or dark chocolate, there’s plenty of different hampers for everyone’s taste. Chocolate hampers are available in a variety of options from hampers made up of single brands to variety hampers.

Mega Chocolate Lovers Hamper Gift Box £19.99

This hamper is the ultimate gift for any chocolate lover. The recipient of this hamper will receive 18 bars from some of the most popular brands including Nestle, Kinder, and Daisy Milk. So whether they love Buenos, Kit Kats, Crunchies or Rolos, they’ll love this hamper of chocolate goodies.


Dark Chocolate Gift Set Hamper Selection Box from The Bundle Hut £26

If they prefer dark chocolate, this Dark Chocolate Hamper from The Bundle Hut is a great choice. Filled with some of the yummiest bars of dark chocolate from some of the most well loved brands. You’ll find a selection of chocolates including; Bournville, Green & Blacks, Lindt, Guylian and After Eight.


Baileys Chocolate Lover Hamper £24.99

Unlike other chocolate hampers, this Bailey’s Chocolate Lover Hamper is filled exclusively with Bailey’s chocolates. This hamper contains popular Bailey’s chocolates including a Bailey’s Selection Box, Bailey’s Chocolate bars and Bailey’s Chocolate Truffles.If that wasn’t enough, this hamper also comes with a small bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream to enjoy with the chocolates.

This is the ideal bundle for any Bailey’s fans in your life.


Best Fathers Day Hamper for 2022

Unsure of where to start looking for a hamper this Fathers Day? We’ve put together a list of our top picks from a variety of retailers:

M&S Hampers – Fathers Day Pork Pie Gift £35

This hamper is the perfect combination of food that your dad will love snacking on. M&S are known for their high standards and tasty food that is widely loved and enjoyed.

The recipient of this hamper can enjoy a Melton Mowbury Pork Pie, 2 year old Cornish Cruncher cheese, caramelised red onion chutney, cheese flavoured snacks, and salted peanuts. This hamper also comes with a bottle of The Big Daddy Pilsner Lager, perfect to drink while enjoying the rest of this hamper. Along with a selection of tasty food, it also comes with a M&S tote bag to keep reusing.


Moonpig – Perfect for Dad Hamper £35

Well known for their selection of greetings cards and gifts, Moonpig is a great place to find everything you need this Fathers Day.

This hamper is perfect for snack loving dads. Filled with a number of snacks from popular brands like GNAW, Savoursmiths, Sass & Belle and Popcorn Shed. With a range of milk chocolate snacks, popcorn, crisps and peanuts, this hamper is ideal.

While enjoying the snacks, your dad can also enjoy a nice drink in the mug included in this hamper. The mug in this hamper is Father’s Day themed with a Reserved for Dad slogan. So whether he’s a tea drinker or a coffee fan, he’ll have the perfect mug.


Thorntons – Dad’s Favourite Hamper £30

Along with being well known for their delicious chocolates and sweet treats, Thorntons are also a great place to find tasty chocolate gifts. From personalised chocolate models to selection boxes.

This Fathers Day hamper from Thorntons is a perfect combination of the best of Thorntons. This hamper contains a range of Thorntons products. You’ll find Thorntons Special Toffees, a milk chocolate trophy, a box of Classic Chocolates and a box of Continental Dark chocolates.

The chocolates in this hamper are guaranteed to go down a treat!


Cadbury Gifts Direct – Cadbury Father’s Day Gift Basket £30

We couldn’t talk about chocolate hampers without mentioning Cadbury!

This Father’s Day Gift Basket is made up of a number of well loved Cadbury sweet treats. Included in this hamper is a double layered box of Milk Tray, a carton of Heroes, a carton of Roses, chocolate buttons, a bar of Bournville and a Daim bar. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a Dairy Milk bar wrapped in a special ‘Happy Father’s Day’ wrapper.

All of these tasty Cadbury goodies come nicely presented in a wicker basket.


Zavvi- Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Bundle £24.99

If you are looking for the perfect hamper for a movie fan dad, then look no further. This hamper comes with a number of goodies including a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. It also comes with a Father’s Day themed Star Wars T-shirt perfect for any Star Wars fan.

Then to make each gift bundle that much better, it also comes with a mystery box filled with different goodies. This hamper is the ultimate gift for the dad that loves all things geeky. The best part of the mystery box is that you don’t know what you’ll receive.


FAQ’s for Fathers Day Hampers

When is Fathers Day in the UK?

Fathers Day falls on Sunday the 19th of June this year.

This still gives you time to either purchase a Fathers Day or make your own unique hamper filled with the recipients favourite items and snacks.

Is there Fathers Day Hamper with next day delivery?

Many stores that sell Fathers Day Hampers offer next day delivery.

A number of the hampers mentioned on this page are available. Retailers like Amazon, Thorntons and Moonpig offer next day delivery on their selection of hampers. If you wish to know more about individual retailers, you can check the delivery options available when viewing the hamper you would like to purchase.

Some retailers like M&S offer other delivery options like nominated day delivery which is a great way to have control when your hamper will be delivered. This means you are more likely to be at home when your hamper gets delivered.

We highly recommend checking with individual retailers before placing your order to ensure that your chosen hamper gift arrives on time.

H4) What do you put in fathers day hamper?

The best part about hampers is that you can personalise it and put in items that you know the recipient will love.

Before planning what you are going to put into the hamper, we recommend picking a theme or the type of items in the hamper. For example, a food related hamper filled with their favourite sweets and chocolates or a hamper filled with things from their favourite hobby.

Along with food, you could also choose to go with more personalised items based on the recipient’s favourite hobbies. From books, to alcoholic drinks, skincare and even accessories, the possibilities are endless.

We recommend making a list of the recipients favourite items. Then think about the budget and the things that person would use and enjoy the most.

Don’t worry too much as it’s the thought and effort that goes into the hamper gift that makes it so special.

How do you make a fathers day Hamper?

Of course, you don’t have to buy a fathers day hamper off the shelf, you can create your own hamper simply by purchasing all the contents yourself. This even makes your fathers day hamper more personable.

  • First, make a plan of all the items you’d like to put into your hamper gift.
  • Then, decide how you are going to wrap your hamper
  • There are many different ways to do this. A simple way is to wrap a box in wrapping paper and place your gifts inside. Or you could purchase a container or basket. Then decorate the container with decorative tissue paper and wrap the container in plastic wrap and finish with a bow.
  • Once your hamper is all planned out, purchase all the items to go in the hamper and the supplies needed for your hamper.
  • Start by preparing your container/box however you would like.
  • Arrange all of your items into your chosen container. We recommend making sure that all items are visible so nothing gets missed when it’s opened.
  • Once you are happy with the item arrangement, add the finishing touches to your hamper.
  • If you have chosen to wrap your hamper, make sure you haven’t left any items out. Then, cut the plastic wrap to your desired size and place the hamper in the middle. Then lift the wrap up and secure the wrap with either a decorative bow or something similar.
  • Add a tag to your hamper and you have the perfect unique gift this Fathers Day.


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