Currys NHS Discount (Ultimate Guide for Health Service Staff)

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Currys are on of the most popular brands in the UK and its fair to say we’ve all shopped at Currys at some time in our lives! They have literally thousands of products for sale on their website, ranging from tech to kitchen appliances. Its safe to say that most of our visitors are looking for a discount code to use at Currys, both on their online shop and instore.  You can read all about getting a Currys discount code using our guide below.

Do Currys do NHS discounts?

Its bad news at the moment for Health Care staff I’m afraid. At the moment Currys does not do NHS Discounts.  However there are many ways to pick up a discount code at Currys  by using the codes which are released to the general public although they are not NHS specific.  The online store does give out these codes and discounts each week on a variety of products so its best to check, but keep in mind to read all the terms and conditions of using the codes.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. With such a big store and a variety of departments, there’s always an opportunity to pick up a money off item or take advantage of the frequent sales Currys has online.
  2. Currys themselves have a wide range of discounts to take advantage of – the best of which are listed above.
  3. There is no official NHS discount for staff to use instore or online at Currys
  4. Get the best deals and money off purchases using the codes listed above.

Does Currys give Student discount?

If you are a student then you can take advantage of a 20% student discount which can be used at Currys stores across the UK. This is not a year round discount however so you will need to check if the offer is still valid. You will also need to verify that you are a student by providing your Student NUS card at the checkout.

What is Currys Staff discount?

There are a variety of generic discount codes released to the general public which can still be used by health care staff, even though there are no NHS specific codes released at this time. This is the company line, hopefully it will in change in the future. We have been given access to the generic Currys discount codes for you to use, see the list above for the best Currys discounts for you to use to shop online.

  • There are a wide variety of codes to use which are shown above. We have been given a number of online voucher codes and offers that you and your family can make full use of.
  • These are some of the very BEST Currys discounts and people have saved up to £200 with different deals.
  • Our advice is to use the codes below and pick up a discount on your shopping.

How much do I get off from Currys with Blue Light Card?

At the moment there is no specific discount at Currys if you are using your Blue Light Card. The card does entitle you to money off a wide range of online stores and different shopping brands so it is probably worth it to get one. There is a cost involved however and the charge is £5.

Advantages of using discount codes

Currys offers a number of discounts for you to use online. Please read the terms and conditions of each discount code as each item will vary from item to item. You can still save on electrical & kitchen items using the discounts mentioned above.

  1. The UK’s largest electrical retailer, Currys had been providing its customers with the very latest electrical products from laptops and games consoles, to kitchen appliances and televisions.
  2. Currently they have 295 superstores and 73 high street stores, so you’ll never be too far away from a good deal.
  3. What has set Currys apart from the crowd is their competitive prices and price guarantee, so if you find any of its competitors are offering the same product at a better price then you they will match it – even up to 7 days after the purchase!
  4. Couple this with a superior customer service, Currys make it hard for you to find a better deal elsewhere.

Whether you’re the sort of person who loves to shop in store or prefers the convenience of online shopping, Currys gives its customers plenty of choice and great delivery options for your convenience.

Do you get NHS Discount at PC World?

PC World is now a part of Currys so the same rules apply. There is no NHS discount at Currys and therefore there is no discount to be had at PC World, although you can still save using the codes we have featured above.

Where does the NHS discount apply?

Currys offers a number of discounts codes for the general public to use. Unfortunately at the moment there are no official NHS discounts for staff to use at Currys. With a range that includes Audio, Computing, Gaming, Kitchen Appliances, Photography, TV and DVD you are sure to find exactly what you want, and with announcement that they are now offering FREE DELIVERY on all items, now is the time to start shopping with Currys.

If you’re looking to purchase something for your home or personal use then along with their quality customer service, price promise and existing savings, there are also a variety of discounts and offers that you can take advantage of to get the best products for less.

For the very latest promotions and codes be sure to visit us! We pride ourselves in helping you save money and those savings couldn’t be any simpler to get.

We have loads of Discount codes available and these are updated daily. They are constantly changing and you never know when that money saving code that you’ve waited for will arrive. So make sure you check back often so you don’t miss a single deal!


Get some great NHS Discount at Currys!

Who are Currys PC World?

Currys is owned by Dixons Carphone, made up of Dixons Retail and the Carphone Warehouse, when merged in August 2014. The company have the ability to offer the most relevant range of products to date that suits customers’ needs.

Currys allow their customers to shop how they want through their option to shop in store, carry out a click and collect service, or even get their items delivered; now they’re able to track their package.

We all find it difficult to install things sometimes, no matter how stubborn we can be about it. But Currys gives customers the option to have certain items installed by professionals, to save us the hassle. The installation service can be booked online via the Currys website, by phone through contacting Team Knowhow Contact Centre, or in-store. Customers even have the option to track their installation.

Currys understands that some products need to be returned in cases of fault, damage or just the fact that you know longer need the item: therefore, customers are able to return items in-store, over the phone (for collection), or through email (for collection). Typically, products can be returned within 21 days after purchase.

What is Currys Repair Service?

Accidents happen, and Currys provide an amazing repair service (at a cost) to give customers the peace of mind that their products are being repaired to the best condition possible, via a trusted team of experts.

For items that are under warranty, Currys promises that if the item needs to be repaired, they offer a 7 days service, where if the item hasn’t been repaired or returned within the 7-day period, they will offer a replacement for free.

Currys also offer a Price Match service which can be used either online, in-store, or over the phone. The service provides customers with prices from the store and its competitors, highlighting the retailer’s ability to offer the best prices in the UK.

Currys offer guides and assistance to customers that are looking into using Smart Home, which uses a range of products such as lighting and thermostats, which can be controlled using voice control, or your mobile device. The retailer is able to offer most of these amazing products from a variety of brands, so that you can find one that suits your needs; from Amazon and Google, to Arlo and Philips, there’s something for everyone.

To ensure customer safety, Currys take contact details from each purchase, so that in the event a product should ever the subject of a safety recall, the retailer can contact its customer to inform them and offer them a refund.

For a retailer as large as Currys, it’s refreshing to know that there are a number of ways to speak to someone about your needs. The contact services include via online messenger from the retailer website, various phone numbers (that can be found in-store or online), email, and even by letter.

DISCOUNT CODE - £30 off marked price. Enter code BUILT30 at the checkout.

Expired 24/05/2022


DISCOUNT CODE - £50 off marked price. Enter code BUILT50 at the checkout.

Expired 24/05/2022


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  1. Hi I am an NHS STAFF joined recently ,new to this country , I was not aware about the NHS discount scheme and I made a purchase of fridge ,freezer and washing machine on 17/7/2019 ,would I get a discount now

    • Reply
      NHS Discount Offers 31st July 2019 at 10:44 am

      We have lots of discount codes for those products, however all discounts must be used at the time of purchase, sorry.

  2. Hi I work for the nhs am wanting to buy a tumble dryer is there a discount at all please?

  3. Dear Sir or Madam Hi I have worked in the NHS for 18 years, I am looking to buy a Cooker the Rangmaster 262472 would I be eligible for any discount ,Hoping to hear from you ASAP Regards L Evans

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