How to Save Money on Your Next Theatre Trip:

Going to the theatre is something us humans have been enjoying for centuries. The first theatre’s were developed in Athens, with the word theatre coming from Greek origin. Theatre itself has therefore been around for more than 2,500 years.

Almost every society and country have their own version of theatre, but the primary link between them all is that they are there for entertainment.

We know how much people love going to the theatre. So, we have tried to partner up with company’s who you can purchase theatre tickets from. Whether you’re an avid theatre fan or a first time goer, there’ll be a ticket and a discount available for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you get an NHS discount on theatre tickets?

Yes, you can get an NHS discount on theatre tickets. Not only do we provide discounts for everyone, but we specialise in NHS staff discounts. Here on the theatre discount page you’ll find all the latest deals on tickets and some exclusive NHS discounts too!

How do I get an NHS discount on theatre tickets?

You can redeem your NHS discount for theatre’s by clicking on your chosen discount below. We currently have a slightly limited selection of offers for you, but we’re hoping to bring new and exclusive theatre tickets to the site soon.

For now though you can choose your offer below and redeem if following the specific instructions laid out for you on the discount page.

What theatre ticket offers are currently available?

If you want to know what offers are available to you when looking at a possible trip to the theatre. It’s a good idea to check back to this page. Here we’ll have all the latest and greatest theatre offers, so you can enjoy huge savings at a simple click of the mouse!

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