Aldi – Is there an NHS discount staff can use?

Does Aldi offer an NHS discount?

No, at the moment Aldi do not offer NHS workers a 10% discount in-store. This discount was an extension of the one they offered in the midst of the pandemic. Therefore it could end at any time, so be quick if you want to start saving even more with Aldi.

Supermarket staples at amazing prices with your local Aldi store!

All good money savers must know the name Aldi. It is the brand name for two German family owned discount supermarket stores. It’s hard to miss them with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries around the world. So wherever you are there shouldn’t be an Aldi far from you. There is also the baby and toddler events to look out for.

The chain was a family business started by Karl and Theo Albrecht’s mother in Essen. It was later taken over by the brothers and made into the giant chain we see today. Not only do they have family values but they specialise in great deals, which is why we are happy to be partnered with them!

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Are the owners of Lidl and Aldi related?

No, the Aldi and Lidl owners are not related. They are in fact both German, but they have no familial relation. Aldi was founded by Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946. However, Lidl was founded in 1973 by Josef Schwarz.

Who’s cheaper Aldi or Lidl?

Many people have their favourite between Aldi and Lidl. This is because the two chains are so similar, with both stores having a similar layout. This layout is different to most other British supermarkets, which gives them a unique place in the supermarket sector. However because of the similarity, they are often compared in many ways.

Therefore, they are also compared when it comes to price too. There have been many people trying to work out which is cheaper. Many people believe that Lidl is actually slightly cheaper than Aldi, but it’s a very tough call. Because of this we recommend that you just shop at your favourite, because realistically both of the two have great deals, and it comes down to personal preference.

What does Aldi stand for?

Not many people know that ALDI actually stands for something. It stands for ALbrecht DIscount, which is the surname of it’s founders mixed with the word discount. This is meant to represent the great deals you can get with Aldi. They have always been known for their great prices, which is why their name encompasses every aspect of this.


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