Diamond Car Insurance – Can NHS get a discount?

Does Diamond car insurance NHS discount?

Unfortunately, Diamond car insurance does not currently offer an NHS discount. This could change in the future and if it does, we will post an update here. Be sure to keep an eye on this page so that you don’t miss out on any potential future Diamond car insurance NHS discounts.

Until then, we’ve put together some top tips on getting a discount or the lowest price possible with Diamond car insurance. Keep reading to find out more.

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Comparison Tool to SAVE up to £334 on Car Insurance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Diamond car insurance just for women?

When many people think of Diamond car insurance, they think that it is only for women. This isn’t the case. However, Diamond car insurance is tailored more towards women. While they do provide coverage for everyone, they are aimed more towards female drivers. This is mainly in the range of benefits they offer, which typically will aim towards female drivers more.

Benefits include handbag cover and child car seat cover. Both of these are extras are more likely to be used by women, and so by offering them as part of their policy Diamond is able to appeal directly to them.

Because of this, it’s worth considering Diamond if you’re a woman looking for NHS car insurance discount. With these extras included in your policy, you might be able to save by taking out a policy with Diamond car insurance.

How can I get a discount on NHS car insurance with Diamond?

Although there currently isn’t an NHS discount with Diamond car insurance, there’s a number of ways to get the lowest price possible.

One of the best ways to get the best prices on car insurance quotes is to get a range of quotes. Price comparison websites are a great way to get a number of quotes quickly. Just be sure to check the level of cover and if there are any extra charges for extra cover on your policy.

Although many people believe that getting a quote from a price comparison website is always cheaper, sometimes going direct will give you a cheaper quote. Be sure to get a quote directly from Diamond car insurance. When you have a number of different quotes, you’ll be able to see the best deal and save some money.

Use a comparison tool to get range of quotes

We also recommend getting quotes on a range of days. This is because of how much car insurance can fluctuate. Insurance rates can vary from day to day, so we recommend getting quotes on a range of days. This way, you can be confident that you are getting the lowest price that you can.

Typically, weekends can be busier for car insurance companies, so getting a quote on a weekend could lead to a higher price. By getting quotes on different days, you are more likely to find the lowest possible price for your insurance quote.

Save with our NHS Comparison Tool

If Diamond Car insurance is not for you then take a look at our NHS Discount Car insurance tool. You can get tons of car insurance quotes for you and the family, with savings of up to £334 a year.

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