BROADBAND UNLIMITED INFINITY - Up to 52Mb. Superfast fibre broadband that’s great for streaming and catch-up TV. Now Only £29.99.

Expires 31/01/2025

ENTERTAINMENT + UNLIMITED INFINITY - Up to 100 channels + up to 52Mb. Only £39.99 Online.

Expires 31/01/2022

MAX + UNLIMITED INFINITY - Up to 141 channels (21 in HD) + up to 52Mb. Now Only £44.99 Online.

Expires 31/01/2022

BROADBAND UNLIMITED INFINITY 2 - Up to 76Mb. Perfect for streaming, gaming, watching and downloading in HD on multiple devices. Now Only £39.99

Expires 31/12/2018

Get BT TV with FREE BT SPORTS and 80+ Channels from ONLY £34.99 a month. Includes Broadband and FREE Gift Card

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BT TV + Fast BT Broadband >>> No set-up fee + Add BT Sport FREE for 6 months then £3.50 a month. Plus £125 Gift Card

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£110 BT Reward Card with Broadband and TV Packages + Half Price Installation.

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BT Broadband is the name of one of the most comprehensive broadband packages yet seen in the UK as we bring them to NHS Discount offers.

The company is a household name across the UK and BT Broadband is a broadband service offered by BT Consumer, a division of the BT Group in the UK.

Their Broadband packages allow users to get a better deal on their Internet and as a new customer, if you make the switch you’ll also be entitled to some great discounts and free gift promotions.

The recent launch of BT Infinity has also added another string to BT’s bow, offering great Internet speeds that are ideal for shared households and university students who want great speed and a lot of data allowance.

BT claims to have speeds that are more reliable than Virgin’s, so you’re more likely to get a top speed at peak times, and you won’t fall out with your housemates about who’s slowing the Internet speed!

If you like the sound of student designed packages that come with numerous benefits like BT Sport free online, so you can stream live Premier League football and Aviva Premiership rugby matches…and probably not do as much studying, as you should.

You’ll also get unlimited Wi-Fi – giving you access to 12 million public hotspots across the UK and abroad.

BT undoubtedly has a great service on offer and by using our promotional codes and discounts; you can get an even better deal for your home! So why not get the best for less?

All you have to do is visit us before making any BT Broadband purchase.

BT Broadband have some amazing offers available for NHS Employees today! Plus they are offering us great discount online today!

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BT Broadband NHS Discount

One of the UK's most well known brands and one of the top 3 broadband providers.

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BT Broadband - Unlimited Infinity 52Mb Download- £5 Discount a month! Now Only £29.99 a month

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FREE Amazon Echo DOT with TV+Broadband Deals

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BT Unlimited Broadband Up to 52Mb Speed £31.99 with £100 Gift Card and FREE Echo DOT

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BT have launched their Black Friday deals - you can save up to £410 on your broadband and tv packages! No set up fee, free BT Sport and free HD Extra until 27th November!

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