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At the moment Amazon does not provide any official discount for NHS staff.

Amazon does however provide a variety of discounted products as well as Amazon Prime offers which staff can take advantage of. These are available to use through the Amazon website.

Daily Deals have begun!
Daily Deals have begun!
Up to 40% off!
amazon prime day 2021
Amazon Warehouse Deals - up to 50% off
Amazon Warehouse Deals - up to 50% off
Pick up a bargain - up to 50% off!

Amazon has become the go-to destination for anyone looking to order books, electronics, toys and nearly anything else you can think of, so there is ample opportunity to pick up a deal.

At the moment there is currently no official NHS discount at Amazon online, however all is not lost as you can still pick up a wide range of money off offers.

Vouchers - Latest Discount vouchers
Vouchers - Latest Discount vouchers
This is a great top tip idea for savings when you buy online at Amazon. You could save up to 20%!

Now Amazon has grown to the point where it has its own separate retail websites for the US, UK, Germany, Spain and a handful of other countries.

If you’re ever in a last minute bind for a gift idea or just need to reorder essentials then it is the competitive nature of Amazons product listings that make it the perfect place to get the best deals on anything you could want.

With that being said you shouldn’t always take prices at face value! Here we have put together some buying tips to ensure that along with our promotional codes and Amazon offers, that you get the best deal possible.


In general Amazon is a reliable and trustworthy retailer. But it’s important to take note of whether you’re buying from Amazon or from the Marketplace. Not only will this dictate the delivery speed in a lot of instances but also it means that you’ll be buying from a trader who is selling on Amazon.

This often means their products will be exempt from Amazon’s next-day delivery; they also won’t be eligible form free delivery (which is usually the case when you spend over £20).

Furthermore, if there is an issue with the product you have purchased then it is the seller you have to contact rather than Amazon.

Price Drop Alerts

You don’t have to slave away trawling Amazon trying to find the best deals on your favourite products. You can get price drop alerts to check when the item your after has dropped in price, so you can purchase it at its cheapest and save yourself money.

This can be anything from day-to-day products or that new 4k television that you’ve had your eye on for a while!

Explore For Great Deals

Amazon can be incredible for finding great prices on products. In fact it is possible to find 75% off or better discounts if you know where to look.

There are plenty of discount finder tools online that you can take advantage of to show you what’s cheap or you can take a look at our discount codes and offers for Amazon for a simple way to get a lot more for your money.

Delivery Options

If you find yourself just under the £20 free delivery mark with an Amazon sold item then it may often be worth purchasing a cheap item so you go just over the mark and avoid paying a heavier postage fee!

Overall, Amazon is an incredibly convenient and efficient way to shop for anything from books to toiletries. They offer thousands of products from their own warehouses to other Amazon sellers so you can be sure to find a competitive deal on the items you want.

Hannah K
Hannah K

I have over 2 years experience working with NHS Discount Offers, specialising in providing staff with the best money saving deals. You can contact me via my email or my linkdin.

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