Deliveroo NHS Discount – Do Deliveroo offer any vouchers for NHS Staff?

Whether you want to have a chill dinner at home or would rather avoid restaurants during these times, ordering takeaway is undeniably one of your best bets. But why settle for just one eatery when you could order from a variety of places in a quick, easy way?

Does Deliveroo offer an NHS Discount?

Deliveroo has offered discounts to NHS staff in the past, delivering 500,000 in free meals to NHS staff in June, but currently at the moment there is no official NHS discount at Deliveroo. Rest assured we will let you know if any of this changes.

How does Deliveroo Work?

All you need is Deliveroo. The delivery app gathers loads of restaurants and fast foods, allowing you to order whatever you wish from multiple places in just one go. Both in-app discounts, exclusive Deliveroo deals, and online coupons also make it an excellent option if you want to save a quid. Curious to find out more about it? Read our Deliveroo review below.

Founded in London in 2013, Deliveroo’s mission is that of bringing your favourite restaurant to your home. The company is now synonymous with fast and reliable delivery across the UK. Delivery services address both home and business clients, with dedicated options for each category.

Home users can simply download the app, browse the entire range of restaurants in their area, and order whatever they like. The Deliveroo team will then collect your orders from each eatery and deliver them to your home.

The corporate clients’ service works more or less like a catering service, but you’ll still be able to order food from the eatery your staff or clients love.

Undeniably, Deliveroo’s biggest perk is the possibility to get your favourite food delivered to your doorsteps. On those nights when every member of your household wants something different to eat, you can simply order from as many eateries as you want in one go.

Convenience apart, the other best thing is that many of the restaurants offer special discounts to Deliveroo customers.

Furthermore, the delivery company also runs promotions and discounts. Vouchers and discount codes are easy to find online, and you could benefit from as much as 50% off.

Deliveroo doesn’t have a unique concept, but the reliability of this service makes it a winner.

The wide range of eateries that use it to get their dishes to your doorsteps is impressive, and you can even take advantage of the multiple deals and discounts present either directly on Deliveroo’s app or website or online.

Another highlight is the wide range of customers Deliveroo caters to. Whether you’re an individual or business customer, you can choose the most appropriate food delivery option to suit your needs.

With this in mind, Deliveroo is undeniably a service we fully recommend.



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