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Fonehouse NHS Discount for Family and Friends

Whether you’re looking for a new handset or a new SIM card, a place where to buy them is the Fonehouse. Pairing with most operators, including popular O2, Vodafone, and Three, the Fonehouse proposes a wide selection of gadgets at attractive price tags, as well as SIM-only deals. We discuss mobile phones and find out if there is a fonehouse NHS Discount available?

Is there a Fonehouse NHS Discount?

There are loads of savings to be found at Fonehouse for NHS Staff, fmaily and friends. They have some of the cheapest deals available on the market right now! Even with your vodafone NHS discount you might find some of these Fonehouse deals lots cheaper per month.

What is Fonehouse?

Originally established in 1994, the Fonehouse has since become the home to the biggest brands in the mobile phone industry. From brands like Samsung and iPhone to newest but equally promising options, the store has it all.

Operating online as well as in brick and mortar stores across the country, the Fonehouse brags with offering some of the most affordable deals around.

fone house nhs discount

Why Shop at the Fonehouse?

The Fonehouse is not only an established, trusted brand. The main reason to shop at them is the variety of deals and products the store offers. From hot deals on new handsets to exclusive SIM-only deals with most service providers, the company caters to most needs.

While the newest releases come at great prices, you can also take advantage of a number of discounted options for earlier editions of your favourite smartphones. Options include deals on iPhones and Samsung handsets, as well as a variety of alternatives from other brands.

SIM-only deals give you the possibility to choose the most suitable plan for your needs. The Fonehouse pairs with most service providers to secure exclusive deals you can’t find elsewhere.

Fonehouse Perks

Obviously, the joys of getting a new handset or SIM card are greater when you can take advantage of exclusive offers and perks.

If you’re tired of your phone and want a new one, know that you can opt for an upgrade. In this way, you can simply exchange your old phone for a new one, benefiting from lower prices and free next day delivery.

Operators such as Vodafone and EE also offer exclusive deals through the Fonehouse, and you can find a wealth of deals in the sales section of the website.

If you like the store and want to earn some cash, you can even join their referral programme that allows you to earn £25 for each successful referral.

Furthermore, by subscribing to the newsletter, you can get further exclusive deals and stay up to date with the new launches.

Our Verdict for fonehouse NHS Discount?

The Fonehouse is undoubtedly one of the best mobile phone stores around. You can benefit from exclusive deals, opt for an upgrade, get SIM-free phones, or SIM-only deals in the blink of an eye. Free next-day delivery, as well as a referral programme, bring further value, while the hassle-free purchase option includes a flexible return policy.

There may not be a specific fonehouse NHS Discount, but their prices will certaintly compete with some of the best NHS Mobile phone top brand discounts.

For example, Vodafone are offering iPhone 14 with 150GB Data (Plus 2 perks) for approx £68 a month. Whereas Fonehouse are offering the same iPhone with 250GB Data for Only £43 a month. So even with the Vodafone 25% discount, fonehouse still comes out cheaper than the Vodafone website deal.

Whether you want to change your old handset or simply need a new SIM card, this is a reputable, trusted brand to have in mind.


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Steven Jones

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