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Expires 08/02/2021

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Here’s How to Get Pizza Hut NHS Discounts

Pizza Hut has long been one of the UK’s most favourite pizza restaurant and takeaways. The company is renowned for constantly providing their customers with a great number of excellent deals to suit everyone’s needs, from individuals to families and large groups. Unfortunately at the time of writing there is no official NHS discount at Pizza Hut for staff.

But, there plenty to take advantage of  – We all love their buy one get one free, to taking advantage of free side dishes and desserts. One thing’s for sure and it’s that there’ll always be an offer for you to take advantage of!

here's how to get pizza hut nhs discount

In fact it’s one of those strange occurrences where Pizza Hut may even be more known for their takeaway services than their restaurants. But if you are in the mood for eating out or treating the family then the Pizza Hut restaurants offer their customers an all-you-can-eat buffet for a great price.

Whether you fancy a nice meal or challenging your friends to an ‘eat-off’ then this is the place to go.  There are plenty of extras for you to take advantage of too, from the likes of unlimited free salad, so you can get some of your 5-a-day whilst enjoying your pizza to delicious bottomless ice cream.

Something that sets Pizza Hut apart from its competitors is its promotions associated with movie releases. There are some really outstanding deals to take advantage of here and you might even get some unique movie merchandise too!

So the next time your planning to go to a Pizza Hut restaurant or fancy a takeaway instead of grinding away over a stove, then Pizza Hut is always an enjoyable and reliable option. To help you on your way we provide the very latest and best promotions, helping you get even more for your money!

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