21% Discount on Samsung Galaxy A7
21% Discount on Samsung Galaxy A7


This tablet is one of the best tablets out there for the reduced price! Samsung have produced a High Performing tablet that does all the tasks required by the modern day user. It has a great crystal clear HD screen with a resolution of WUXGA 2000X1200, so watching movies and video recordings will be shown in great quality. It has all the usual that you would expect from a tablet – Email, Internet Browsing, Front and Rear Cameras for video calling, Access to Play Store plus much much more. As its a Samsung Product you can easily Tether it to your mobile phone when your out and about for internet access on the go!

samsung galazy a7 nhs discount

This Samsung Galaxy Tab  also has a Dual Core Processor which will run the tablet at great speed making your online experience much more fun. It is simple, easy to use and you will be up and running in minutes once its out of the box. One of the good thing about these, that the Ipads don’t have is the ability to expand the memory with an SD card. This tablet will will allow you to add a 32GB Card – Which means more storage power!

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